Australian IP Litigation Round-Up 8 February 2013

An Australian Intellectual Property Litigation Round-Up from the Commonwealth Courts portal as of 8 February 2013.

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The following intellectual property cases were commenced in the week ending 8 February 2013:

File Number Applicant(s) Respondent(s) Type Status
VID59/2013 Spa Industries Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Spa Industries Unit Trust & Anor T&G Enterprises (Vic) Pty Ltd Infringement Originating Application filed, Interlocutory Hearing set for 12 February 2013
VID69/2013 The Haven Foundation Limited Loddon Mallee Housing Services Limited Trade Marks Originating Application filed, Directions set for 28 March 2013
WAD27/2013 Roadwest Transport Equipment & Sales Pty Ltd Not Available Not Available Originating Application filed

In the past week, the following cases were finalised:

File Number Applicant(s) Respondent(s) Type Outcome
VID1089/2012 ABC Tissue Products Pty Ltd & Ano Huong Lan Thi Tran Trade Marks Finalised – Discontinued /Withdrawn
VID1054/2012 Concept Caravans Pty Ltd Thirvale Pty Ltd Trade Marks Finalised – Discontinued /WithdrawnRespondent hereby undertakes to immediately cease and forever desist and refrain from using the CONCEPT name and mark in relation to caravans and/or any goods registered in Class 12 under Trade Mark Registration No. 1007073 for CONCEPT CARAVANS.

The Respondent is permanently restrained from using the CONCEPT name and mark

BRG1090/2012 Bundaberg Homes Pty Ltd & Anor Frank Tate & Anor Copyright Finalised – Discontinued