Australian IP Litigation Round-Up 7 December 2012

An Australian Intellectual Property Litigation Round-Up from the Commonwealth Courts portal as of 7 December 2012.

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In the past week, the following intellectual property cases were commenced in the week ending 7 December 2012:

File Number Applicant(s) Respondent(s) Type Status
VID1029/2012 DSM NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS, LLC Suntory Holdings Limited Patents Notice of Appeal lodged, First Directions set for 4 February 2013
NSD2035/2012 Apotex Pty Ltd MERCK SHARP & DOHME CORP & Anor Patents Originating Application filed, First Directions set for 5 February 2013
NSD1981/2012 BAYER PHARMA AKTIENGESELL SCHAFT & ANOR Spirit Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd & Ors Patents Originating Application filed, Directions and Interlocutory Hearing set for 10 December 2012
VID986/2012 Jellycat Limited Philip Waite & Anor Trade Marks Originating Application filed, Directions set for 11 December 2012


File Number Applicant Respondent Type Outcome
NSD768/2008 Hua Wei Wang & Ors Anying Group Pty Limited Trade Marks Finalised – Granted/Allowed