Australian Design Certification Round-Up 14 November 2013

A round-up of Australian Designs which have been certified (from the Designs Office Journal dated 14 November 2013.

If you wish to file, certify or register your designs, please contact us.

The following Designs have been examined and Certificates of Examination have issued.

Infringement proceedings may now be commenced by the owners of these designs.  Further details for each of the designs may be found here.

Please note that the information in the tables below is correct as at the date of the Designs Office Journal but is subject to change.  Please check ADDS for the current status of any of the Designs below.

Number Article Owner
316012 Component of sunshade Ekkehard Koehn
316360 Holding device for holding and positioning a portable object Belkin International, Inc.
322156 A tank flange Jamkar Industries Pty Ltd
326110 Electrical switch Connected Group Australia Pty Ltd
338782 Transceiver assembly Belkin International, Inc.
340600 Trailer Lite Industries Pty Ltd
343636 A firearm Thales Australia Limited
344248 BBQ Grill with Stand and Shelves Woodland Homes Products Pty Ltd
344249 BBQ Grill Woodland Homes Products Pty Ltd
345691 Network device enclosure Belkin International, Inc.
346669 Container lid Shane Jay Nicholson
347061 Condom Ansell Limited
347130 Nestable document tray Pelikan Artline Pty Limited
347439 A handle for a plaything Fiskars Brands Finland Oy Ab
347913 Extractor port housing Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.
348071 Lanyard   Apple Inc.
348379 Perfume bottle Kenzo (a Societe Anonyme)
348407 A towing link assembly Joseph John McGinnes
348678 Tool holder Hamm AG
348679 Compactor tool and tool holder Hamm AG
348680 Compactor tool and tool holder Hamm AG
348681 Compactor tool and tool holder Hamm AG
348682 Compactor tool and tool holder Hamm AG
348683 Chisel and tool holder Hamm AG
348684 Chisel and tool holder Hamm AG
348685 Chisel and tool holder Hamm AG
348768 Bottle carrier Mark A. Waltrip
349012 A trailer coupler Lieuwe Faber
349195 Wallet Brad Burritt Ashbaugh
349566 Knife sharpener Edgecraft Corporation
349602 Modular binocular bridge Wilcox Industries Corp.
349683 An extrusion Gram Engineering Pty Ltd
349756 Cover for solar panel inverter and circuit breakers Andre Theodore Hagedorn
349951 Lift device for dishwasher baskets Granuldisk AB
349952 Dish rack for dishwasher Granuldisk AB
349953 Dish rack for dishwasher Granuldisk AB
349956 Invalid walker Mohamed Ismail Cajee
349958 Wheel chair cros-over invalid walker Mohamed Ismail Cajee
349960 Invalid walker with seat Mohammed Ismail Cajee
349962 Invalid walker Mohammed Ismail Cajee
350196 Tabletop cigarette making machine hopper Republic Tobacco L.P.
350197 Tabletop cigarette making machine and hopper Republic Tobacco L.P.