Australian Design Certification Round-Up 11 October 2012

A round-up of Australian Designs which have been certified (from the Designs Office Journal dated 11 October 2012).

The following Designs have been examined and Certificates of Examination have issued.

Infringement proceedings may now be commenced by the owners of these designs.  Further details for each of the designs may be found here.

If you wish to file, certify or register your designs, please contact us.


Number Article Owner
338035  A bottle  Fonterra Brands (Australia) Pty Ltd
339621  Universal Adaptor  Sansai Japan Australia Pty Ltd
339962 Platform for a transport vehicle Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy
341140  A wall mounted support for a clothes basket  Wayne Cairns
341171  Garment hanger  TIC (Retail Accessories) Pty Ltd
341172  Garment hanger clip  TIC (Retail Accessories) Pty Ltd
341283  Garment hanger TIC (Retail Accessories) Pty Ltd
341284  Garment hanger  TIC (Retail Accessories) Pty Ltd
341285  Garment hanger  TIC (Retail Accessories) Pty Ltd
341628  Sanitary faucet  Hansgrohe AG
341773  Container lid  Expanded Polystyrene Australia Incorporated
342192  Container  Expanded Polystyrene Australia Incorporated
343134  A handset  Maxitrol Company
343284  A grate  Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd
343378  Collar cutter  Red Dale Holdings Pty Ltd
343568   Bottle  Thomas C. Ford
343569  Bottle   Thomas C. Ford
343576   Bottle   Thomas C. Ford
343597   Door hinge  Elsteel (Private) Ltd.
343634  A water dispensing fold away unit   Stuart Mason
343663  Portion capsule  K-fee System GmbH
343664  Portion capsule  K-fee System GmbH
343665  Portion capsule  K-fee System GmbH
343667  Portion capsule  K-fee System GmbH
343668  Portion capsule  K-fee System GmbH
343760  Footwear sole  Deckers Outdoor Corporation
343790  DIN rail enclosure (4m)  Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd
343812   Lamp  Koncept Technologies Inc.
343813  Electric boiler element bundle  Grimwood Heating Pty Ltd
343953  Anaesthetic apparatus  Draeger Medical GmbH
343986  Air purification system  Akida Holdings LLC
344174  Footwear soles  Deckers Outdoor Corporation