With over 125 years of intellectual property experience, together with research, industrial and commercial experience, our patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and other professionals are equipped to fully understand our clients’ organisations, their technology and related IP needs.

We match each client and their technology with an attorney with the appropriate technical and professional expertise. We take pride in delivering excellent customer focused service to our clients.

Our patent attorneys have extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications across a wide range of technologies.

To see information about our practice areas, click one of the following :

>   Chemistry and Life Sciences

>   Electronics, Physics and IT

>   Engineering and Materials

We also have focus teams that bring together professionals with different technology focuses.

These include:

>   Medical Technology

>   Resources

>   Sustainability and Clean Technology

>   Agriculture

You can also search for practitioners by expertise here.

Where technologies converge, we are well placed to draw on the experience of professionals across the different technology groups of the firm, to accurately describe and define inventions.

Our patent attorneys have the skills to describe your invention fully. This is important when preparing the patent specification and claims that will ultimately define the scope of your patent protection.

Each of our technology teams have the expertise to assist you through the provision of the following services:


Our experienced and well-trained attorneys and lawyers provide strategic advice on the best ways to protect clients’ intellectual property. We help identify what intellectual property exists and how it should best be protected.


Our experienced searchers understand the intricacies of database searching and will report their findings in a clear and concise manner.

Protecting IP

We advise clients and represent their interests in relation to:

>   Patents

>   Designs

>   Trade marks

>   Plant Breeder’s Rights

Our attorneys’ work in these areas is second to none. Our attorneys will clearly explain how best to protect your IP, both in Australia and overseas, and what it will cost.

Defending IP

Our attorneys and lawyers advise on the best strategy and the legal processes to deal with IP infringement, whether an alleged infringement, or accusation of infringement by our clients.

Many of our lawyers are also patent attorneys, which gives the best possible insights into the respective technology and an edge over most law firms.

In addition to advising on registrable IP, we can assist with copyright issues, trade secrets and trade practices issues.

Leveraging IP

We can provide legal assistance in relation to the commercialisation of IP. For example, our lawyers can advise on and draft licensing agreements, IP contracts and technology transfer arrangements.

Managing IP

For larger organisations, with their own IP management capacity, we provide timely and reliable back up reminders of critical dates and actions.

For individuals and smaller to mid-sized companies, we provide a comprehensive management service for their IP portfolios that is both cost effective and convenient.