In addition to standard patents, Australia also has an innovation patent system. An innovation patent protects inventions that improve an existing technology in some way, or a product which is likely to have a shorter commercial lifespan. They also provide a shorter term of protection of eight years, as opposed to 20 years for a standard patent. Innovation patents can be an attractive option for intellectual property (IP) protection as they provide the owner with a similar level of protection as a standard patent, yet they are much quicker and cheaper to obtain. They also have a much lower threshold of ‘invention’ than standard patents.

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the innovation patent procedures and can assist you with all aspects of drafting and prosecuting applications. They can also provide advice on how they may be used as part of a broader commercial strategy.

Please note, new innovation applications will not be able to be registered with a filing date from 26 August 2021.