Companies that do business with Australians cannot afford to ignore the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has extensive powers to investigate and prosecute breaches of this legislation, and the penalties are very significant.

Our lawyers can advise on whether your business structures and contracts put you at risk of abuse of market power, exclusive dealing, third line forcing or other prohibited anti-competitive conduct. We can provide you with advice on the best course of action to take to ensure you achieve your business objectives while minimising the risk of non-compliance.

The Australian Consumer Law provides a range of remedies to both consumers and businesses affected by unfair or misleading business practices or the supply of goods and services that do not comply with mandatory consumer guarantees. The Australian Consumer Law, and other laws relating to packaging and labelling, can apply even if a business is based outside Australia and uses documentation governed by foreign law. The use of warranties and other documents that do not comply with Australian Consumer Law is also a particular risk for sellers of imported packaged goods. We can draft or review consumer documents, advertising materials and product labels to ensure they comply with Australian law.

*Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.