Develop initiatives that drive our commitment to being a diverse and inclusive organisation.

POF is committed to promoting diversity, equality, respect and inclusion consistent with the principles of justice, integrity, equity and the pursuit of excellence, upon which the IP profession is founded.

POF is a signatory to the Diversity and Equality Charter, a Law Council of Australia initiative, as well as a proud member of the Diversity Council Australia (DCA). DCA is an independent not-for-profit peak body leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace and POF’s participation in DCA’s 2021 Inclusion@Work Index, is an exciting way to better understand and celebrate diversity and inclusion at the firm.

We recognise that diversity benefits the IP profession, as well as the wider community, and we support initiatives that encourage this. We are constantly aiming to develop our own initiatives that drive our commitment to being a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Some initiatives and programs we proudly sponsor are:

POF’s Diversity and inclusion (D&I) committee ensures we prioritise diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our work and within our workplace. The D&I committee’s purpose, its Why, is to:

  • ensure everyone understands D&I and why it should be a focus for POF
  • understand what D&I currently exists at POF, and
  • derive the benefits D&I brings to employees and the firm.

D&I priorities have been established across five key pillars – People, Awareness, Leadership, Work Environment and Candour. POF is committed to progressing initiatives and enacting change, so our firm better supports our people, our clients and the greater community.

Supporting indigenous Australia

POF proudly recognises the Traditional Custodians of our land by acknowledging the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through multiple channels.  This includes doing an Acknowledgement of Country at the start of formal events and functions. We also include the traditional place names of our offices on our brochures, email signatures, and company website.  It’s important to us to recognise the history and connection of first people to country.